Mother of the Bride/Groom – No Appointment Necessary

If you are a mother of the bride/groom, you can just pop in to see us whenever you like. We have 2 mother of the bride fitting rooms for your use. We work on a first come, first served basis. We can get busy – so please do bear in mind that you may have a short wait if you come to see us at a busy time (Saturday afternoons tend to be the busiest times!)

Book your Bridal Appointment now!

Whilst we are happy to accept walk in appointments from brides, we can only help you if we have a fitting room available at that time.

Appointments always take priority.

For that reason, we would definitely recommend booking an appointment (particularly on Saturdays!) so that you’re not disappointed if you have made a special trip to see us as we can get very busy.

We have two bridal areas available which offer privacy for you and your bridal party.

Guest numbers: Bride plus 1-3 people

We’re a small shop and you’ll see from the photo to the right that due to limited space and seating, our bridal areas can only accommodate the bride up to 2 guests (3 only if you’re all willing to get a little cosy!)

Use the drop down box below to find out our real time availability for your bridal appointment at our boutique. You can book straight in to see us.

Guests numbers: Bride with 4+ guests

We strongly recommend that you resist the temptation to bring large groups as we find that your opinion can be overwhelmed by others. One of our brides once emailed us to say

I really wish that I’d listened to you when you said not to bring too many people. It was a nightmare and I felt tense all day!  When I came back with just my mum and XXX, I found it so much easier to focus on what I wanted to wear – not what everyone else liked!

However if you really cannot whittle it down, we may be able to accommodate slightly bigger groups in our mother of the bride area. You still have access to all our beautiful gowns but the area is less private as it’s at the front of the shop, by our front door where customers come and go.

Give us a call to discuss availability as we will always do our best to accommodate your requests.  Please note that usually, bigger groups can usually only be accommodated on a Saturday towards the start or end of the day as we get so busy!