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Boho Wedding Dresses

Boho Wedding dress styles in Dorset

Elegant. Dreamy. Free. The boho wedding dress trend is definitely here to stay. Our brides want a relaxed dress where they can easily move around, and party the night away in the evening.

So what do we mean by a boho wedding dress? What is ‘bohemian’ to one bride, is not to another.

The New Boho Bride Isn’t All About Flower Crowns & Fringe

A true bohemian is defined as “a wanderer; living a socially unconventional life,” according to Merriam Webster, but somehow boho bridal has leaned more towards festival or woodland dressing. It has moved away from being quite so alternative.

To us, a bohemian bride is free-spirited and a hopeless romantic. Their boho wedding dress needs to be comfortable to allow them to roam around their nature-infused wedding and chat to their guests. Plus, the design will be full of statement details including graphic lace and  botanical applique. Fluid skirts that billow int he breeze are also a massive trend. Imagine running through a cornfield with tulle flowing behind. Happy days!

The beauty of bohemian wedding dresses is that they come in an enormous range of styles, so there must be something that is right for you. Maybe your search is for a bridal gown with a long train or something more laid back. Although it may not seem like it, in the scheme of wedding dresses, the bohemian style is incredibly versatile.

Regardless of what style of wedding you are having, the bride and her dress ought to be a strong focal point. The unique flexibility of a boho wedding dress might be perfect for you. So get comfy, and let’s look at some of our most inspiring boho wedding dresses to pore over their incredible style and detail.

And once you have found some that have caught your eye, come and visit our laid back luxurious boutique in Bournemouth, Dorset so you can try on your faves!

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