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Our in-house fitting service at Chameleon Bridal

Gown Fittings and Alterations  

At the time your order is placed we will give you a rough idea of when we expect your gown to be delivered to us. If time allows we will arrange delivery of your gown to come to us around 3 months before your wedding date, this varies from company to company and is also subject to strikes, floods and even volcanoes!

Your Pre-fit appointment

When we take delivery of your Bridal Gown we will contact you to let you know it has arrived, at that point we will make an appointment for you to have a pre-fit.  This is so you may come in try any accessories you may need to order or decide on, this appointment will be with your sales consultant not a seamstress. We will then require you to pay the balance of your gown and store your gown for you free of charge until your fitting.

Your fittings

Following the pre-fit we can offer you an appointment with our fitters/seamstress should you choose to use our in-house fitting service. The time you spend with your seamstress is precious and will make all the difference to how your gown will ultimately look. It is important that you have already sorted out your accessories etc, as this is for your fitting only.

The number of fittings required may vary. If it has been made to special measurements and the bride has stayed the same shape a single fitting may suffice. More often a second and maybe a third is necessary, especially if your gown is a standard dress size and you are having multiple alterations. Providing your measurements do not change, we only charge for the finished job, not the number of fittings.

Things to remember

Please try to limit the number of people you bring to your fittings – past experience has taught us that scissors, pins, and small children don’t mix! We ask you to try to avoid bringing small children to your fittings.

Each time you come for a fitting it is essential to bring your bridal shoes and the lingerie (if required) you will be wearing on the day. The fitting cannot be carried out without them, as they will naturally alter the fit of the gown.

Fitting Times

Our fitting times are Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays 9.15am- 4pm. We do not offer a fitting service on a Saturday as the shop can get very busy and there is always a risk to your gown when people are milling around. We prefer a quiet relaxed environment for you and us.

Please allow about an hour for a fitting.

Bridal and Occasion Wear Alterations – Charges Guide 

Bridal Hems
Straight Plain £55.00
Full Skirt £75.00
Straight with Lace £95.00
Full with Lace £110.00
Occasion Wear Hems
Straight Plain £30.00
Detailed, pleat etc £45.00
Lift shoulders £25.00
Shorten straps £20.00
Lingerie catches £5.00
Shorten Plain £25.00
Shorten Detailed £35.00
Take in £45.00
Let out £45.00
Beaded £55.00
Side Seams
Take in- waist to hip £45.00
Take in- waist to hem £55.00
Bra Lifts- into gown £25.00
Bustle-up-train £10.00-£25.00

Small Adjustable Waist



Large £75.00
Travel boxes for Air Travel / Storage
Small £65.00
Standard £75.00
Large (not suitable for air travel) £95.00

This is a quick reference guide only; accurate quotes will be given at time of fitting.

Our seamstresses are also able to do other bespoke adjustments as required.